• chicharrones
  • chicken paprika
  • chopped salad
  • potato pancakes
  • schnitzel

Checkers Old Munchen

About us

Tucked away in the seaside town of Pompano Beach, FL lies a piece of Germany. Checkers Old Munchen is a Zagat-rated restaurant that specializes in serving authentic German cuisine since 1982. The restaurant and ambiance will transport you to another place and another time with a vibe that is warm, welcoming, and full of character. Lined with weather wooden shelves with authentic German beer steins and an amazing German beer collection, you will drown in home-cooked aromas and amazing tastes. Not only does Checkers Old Munchen offer a cozy escape but you can tour the world of German beer and food.

Mathew Moore has owned Checkers Old Munchen since 2007. He continues his uncle's inspiration of traditional German cuisine and loves introducing the food to know people who do not necessarily know what German food is. Mathew also has an infinity for beer, especially German beer, which is why he started the German Beer Tour. This is the best German Bar around.